Organize Your Google Shared Drives

Filerev will scan specific Shared Drives you choose or all your Shared Drives in Google Drive. The Filerev app will then present your files in different categories so that you can easily clean up the clutter or understand how your storage is being used.

Filerev presents your files in different categories, so it is easy to quickly see your duplicate files, hidden files, large files, large folders, and empty folders at a glance. Then you can drill down to specific folders or files in each category using filters. Last you can quickly remove the files you no longer need using the Bulk Delete Tool or by manually selecting what you do not want.

Features to Clean Up Google Drive

Organize Your Google Drive Storage

At a glance, view how much storage space is used by Google Photos, Gmail and Google Drive. Filerev shows where your storage space is being used, making it easy to organize and clean up your storage.

Organize your Google Drive Storage
Find & Remove Duplicate Files in Google Drive

Find & Remove Duplicate Files in Google Drive

Filerev will help you locate and remove duplicate files in your Google Drive account. You can easily remove the duplicates in your account by individually selecting duplicate files, selecting all files on a page or using the Bulk Delete Tool for the entire category.

* Please note, you can find and remove photos that exist in Google Drive but finding files in Google Photos is not yet supported.

Bulk Delete in Google Drive

The Bulk Delete Tool makes it easy to clean up Google Drive with a simple click. No need to select files one by one as you can easily select all. Duplicate files can also be removed by automatically selecting the oldest or newest duplicate files.

Find Old Files

Find old files with Google Drive. View files that are older than a specific date. You can browse these files and, if desired, delete or move them with a simple click.

View Google Drive Folder Size

It’s now easy to find your large folders in Google Drive. Filerev will show you the size of each folder and the folders taking the most space in your Google Drive account. You can also use filters to drill down to specific folders that you would like to see.

View Google Drive Folder Size

View Empty Folders in Google Drive

Filerev exposes the empty folders in Google Drive. The app will show you all your empty folders, and you can use the Bulk Delete Tool to remove them with a simple click.

Locate Hidden Files in Google Drive

Hidden Files in Google Drive are quickly revealed with Filerev giving you control of how your storage space is used.

Surprisingly, files can consume storage space but not exist in a folder. The only way to find these files in Google Drive is to search for the exact name. Filerev shows all of these hidden files in one place so you can choose to delete them or move them back into a folder.

Shared Drives

If you have multiple drives and shared drives in Google Drive, you can scan them all. Before your scan starts, you will have the option to choose a specific shared drive to scan or any combination of shared drives and My Drive. This allows you to drill into the specific files you are interested in even if those files exist across multiple drives.

Locate Hidden Files in Google Drive
Scan Shared Drives in Google Drive and view Shared Files

View Shared Files

View Files that are shared with you in Google Drive. Filerev will help you view who owns each file so that there is no guessing at where each file came from.

Maintain Security

We care about the privacy of your data and are committed to protecting it. Everything is transferred over a secure SSL connection, and we encrypt any account information that we store. We also have regular security audits from a neutral third party. Our motivation is to help you organize Google Drive; we will not use your information for anything other than that. You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy, and our is Filerev safe post.

Browse by File Type

Filerev shows your Google Drive files organized by file type categories. Would you like to see only the documents in your account? Or maybe just the images? You can even drill down to more specific file types such as PDF, Excel, JPG, etc.

Storage Usage Analyzer

A graphical disk usage analyzer for Google Drive that provides a visual representation of your storage usage. You can quickly identify and browse the largest files and folders by size, helping to understand where your storage space is being used.

Storage Usage Analyzer for Google Drive

How to Organize your files in your Shared Drives

Click Scan My Drive and Filerev will let you choose which Shared Drives to scan. You can choose to scan one or many different drives at the same time. You can also start your scan and view your results using the mobile app in the Google Play store or the Galaxy store. The app is also available as a Google Drive Add-on. As soon as you start the scan, Filerev will analyze the files in your Google Drive account and show you a summary of how your storage space is being used across the Shared Drives that you selected. Your files will be displayed in specific categories. For example, you can view your duplicate files across your Shared Drives and easily remove the clutter. You can also use filters when viewing your files to drill down to specific files that you may no longer need.

Filerev for Android App

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How to Clean Up Google Drive

  1. Start your scan by logging into Filerev with your Google Drive account.
  2. View Your files in Filerev organized into categories on the summary page.
  3. Clean up the mess by removing files that are not needed. You can filter your results, select your files individually and delete the selected files. Or bulk delete everything in the category using the Bulk Delete Tool.

The Select, Filter, Delete and Bulk Delete Tool can be seen in the below screenshot.

How to Clean Up Google Drive Options

Meet the Founder / Family Man

Hello! My name is Brett and I enjoy creating apps that help the world. I built the Filerev app to solve my own storage dilemma and I hope it helps you as well.

Founder of Filerev for Google Drive - Brett Batie

After storing my files online for many years, my drive account was starting to look like it was owned by a pack rat. I knew it was time for a change. When I went to find my old files or even the files that were consuming all of my storage space, I found there was nothing to help me do it. Enter the creation of Filerev.

I’m a pretty laid back guy that enjoys spending time with my family and friends in the great outdoors. I have a beautiful wife and four amazing children. They are the ones that make this all worth it.

Thank you to all my loyal, friendly customers for your support. I’m grateful that you are here!

family photo for Filerev

What People are Saying About Scanning Shared Drives


Ever since I first found Filerev I have been waiting for the ability to scan Shared Drives. Thank you for listening to your users and providing this feature!

Sarah Christoph
5 star rating

Sarah Christoph


There is so much power in scanning across Shared Drives. I have different Shared Drives for each of my clients and I often add the same files to each of them. Filerev easily exposed the duplicates that I no longer needed. Thanks!

Christopher Profile
5 star rating

Chrisopher Lunden


My company only stores files in Shared Drives and having this tool to help me organize the files has been invaluable.

Samantha Venteago
5 star rating

Samantha Venteago

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